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AM Hardware Store Package


The AM Hardware Store Package is ideal for the retailers with two access points (entrance/exit).  It includes two UltraPost Dual systems, three RapidPad deactivators, generally located close to the cash registers, three Key switches, 500 Spider tags, 500 Spider XL tags and 5000 AM Labels

The Sensormatic® UltraPost is an acousto-magnetic security system.  Each panel has a detection range of 0.95 m (3 pi) on each side, which allows a distance of 1.90 m (6 ft) between the two panels for a total coverage of 3.8 m (12 ft).

Affordable, performant and easy to maintain, the UltraPost is a judicious choice for hardware stores.  Its elegant design blends harmoniously with the aesthetic of most environments while providing a visual dissuasive impact.

All of our refurbished systems are completely disassembled, cleaned, repainted and tested with their cables.


  • 2 UltraPost Dual Systems: two primaries and two secondaries
  • 3 RapidPad deactivators
  • 3 Key switches to activate/deactivate the RapidPads
  • 500 Spider tags
  • 500 Spider XL tags
  • 5000 AM labels


  • UltraMax technology at 58 kHz
  • Two panels cover 3.8 m (12 pi)
  • Audible and visual (over 360°) alarms
  • Control box: 9040
  • Panels dimensions: 144 x 40 x 11 cm
  • Requires installation by a professional


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