RF 2 MHz Elegance Package I


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RF 2 MHz Elegance Package I

Brand new

The RF Elegance Package I is the ideal for one exit and two cash registers.  It is intended for the protection of clothing.  The package includes one Image system, two detachers and 5000 Mini Satellite tags with pins (like new).  The package is based on the radio-frequency (RF) technology at 2 MHz that covers up to 1,9m (6ft) on each side of the panel.  The single antenna system can accommodate multiple shop configurations.

Chosen by many retail stores, the Image system combines aesthetics and safety.  No more screen that hides the windows, transparency respects the store concept.


  • 1 Image System (brand new)
  • 2 Detachers
  • 5000 RF Mini Satellite Tags (like new)
  • Open frame & transparent
  • Available in Wood
  • High quality acrylic gate in an elegant and contemporary design
  • The perfect solution for stores with modern interior
  • Self-tuning system


  • RF system at 2MHz
  • One antenna system
  • Coverage of 1,9m (6pi) on each side
  • Alarms: audible and visual
  • External power supply
  • Panel dimensions: 168 x 30.5 x 6.5 cm

SKU: PkgE1.2-N

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