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AM/RF Bottle Tag

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The « AM/RF Bottle Tag » is designed to protect a variety of bottles such as the wine and champagne bottles.  It prevents, among other things, siphoning the contents of the bottles at the point of sale by blocking access to the cork. Made of transparent plastic, it provides effective protection and a visual disincentive.

The tag is easy to set up and easy to remove using a standard detacher. It is available in acousto-magnetic (AM) or radio-frequency (RF) versions.


  • Can be used on a variety of bottles
  • Dissuasive visual impact
  • Compatible with the Sensormatic AM systems at 58 kHz


  • Available in both AM and RF versions
  • Colour: Gray
  • Size: 3,4 x 5,6 cm ou (3,4 x 6 cm) ou (4 x 7,5 cm)
  • Requires a detacher for removal

SKU: Bottle-N.5

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