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AM Waterproof Tag

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The « AM Waterproof Tag » is a acousto-magnetic (AM) security tag that is sewn to tissus of a variety of products to protect them against theft.  It is resistant to most washing, drying.

Light and unobtrusive, the tag is ideal for towels and bathrobes provided in hotels, fitness centres and spas parlors.  It also protects clothes worn on work sites.  Small in size, it fits easily inside the linings of clothing.


  • Counters theft of towels and bathrobes
  • Used also on work clothes
  • Allows waterproof tagging
  • Resists washing and drying


  • Acousto-magnetic technology at 58 kHz
  • Colour: White
  • Size: 8 x 1,8 mm
  • The tag is sewn onto the garment.


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