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AM/RF Spider Tag

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The « AM/RF Spider Tag » is an anti-theft tag designed for the protection of products sold in a box. It is in the form of a spider that encircles the box and prevents it from being opened inside the store.

The label triggers two types of alarms. A first alarm is produced by the detection systems at the exit of the stores. A second alarm is produced by the tag itself when one of the cables is cut off or when the tag approaches the detection systems at the exit of the stores. The tag continues to produce an alarm outside the store until it is disabled by authorized personnel.

The labels are available in acousto-magnetic (AM) and radio-frequency (RF) versions.

A larger version is also available.


  • Protects products sold in a box
  • Dissuasive visual impact
  • Triggers the detection systems at the exit of the stores
  • Generate an internal alarm
  • Compatible with the Sensormatic AM systems at 58 kHz


  • Available in both AM and RF versions
  • Colour: Gray and White
  • Internal alarm: 100 dB
  • Cable length: 25 cm
  • Requires a specific clip for removal

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