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Sensormatic AM Supertag I

Second hand

Sensormatic Supertag I is a first generation Supertag from Sensormatic with a superior clamp for an improved defeat resistance.  Its unique lines draws attention and provides a strong dissuasive impact.  
We recommend it for jeans, sports goods, outerwear, delicate clothes and all other articles of similar dimensions.  This unobtrusive tag is a useful addition to an AM system already in place.

Second hand tags like new


  • Top-of-the-line AM antitheft tag from Sensormatic
  • Superior clamp for an improved defeat resistance
  • Unique lines for a strong dissuasive impact
  • Compatible with all AM systems


  • Acousto-magnetic technology at 58 kHz
  • Original Sensormatic security tags
  • Requires detacher to remove the pin
  • Colour: Black
  • Size: 8,7 x 3,0 x 1,9 cm (3,4" x 1,2" x 0,4")
  • Each tag comes with a pin.

SKU: SuperTagIn-U1

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