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Dialoc ID RFID Staff Station

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Sapphire RFID Staff Station

The Sapphire Staff station series is designed for converting, programming and identifying library labels in books, magazines etc.
Seamless integration of technologies

The Sapphire RFID Staff station is a fast en efficient solution to write or read HF tags by (re)setting the EAS or AFI bit .

The Sapphire RFID (HF) Staff station can operate as stand-alone or in host mode.

The ergonomic design, the use of durable materials and the touch screen ensure efficient and user-friendly use of this device. The intuitive display provides the user with clear processing information. The blue LED indicates the label reading process, green an access granted and red an access denied.

Standard stations are beige-gray. Other colors are optional.


  • Identification of the book. magazine or media
  • EM activation/deactivation during loans and returns
  • EAS or AFI RFID bit set/reset during checkouts and returns
  • Stand-alone operation or in "host" mode linked to the LMS
  • USB interface managed by the LMS software
  • Optional barcode to RFID tag conversion software optional


  • ISO 15.693 / 18.000-3.1 / ISO 28560
  • Compliance with CE/EMC standards
  • Height: 112 mm
  • Width: 544 mm
  • Depth: 358 mm
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Power supply: 12 VDC 2A
  • Power adapter 100 - 240V, 0.55 - 0.3 A at 60/50 Hz
  • Operating temperature: -10ºC to +45ºC
  • Materials: stainless steel, PS, impact resistant composite


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