The integration of self-service in libraries today represents a critical and potent provision for patrons. The Sapphire™ stands as a technologically advanced, ergonomically designed self-service unit, impeccably fitting into existing logistic processes. Its modular design provides unparalleled adaptability to libraries, accommodating a transition to different identification technologies, both in the current landscape and in the future.

The Sapphire™ Hybrid self-service unit flawlessly merges either barcoding or RFID technology for the identification of patron cards, along with EM technology to ensure optimal item security. This is achieved by activating or deactivating the EM tags after the successful registration of items via RFID book tags. This simple, one-move handling improves efficiency, accuracy and security in a user-friendly environment.

The unit is equipped with a 22” high-definition touch screen, integrated with a receipt printer, RFID readers, barcode scanners for cards, an EM activator and deactivator for EM tags, and an RFID reader for RFID tags. All these components are designed within a single, compact, stylish, and high-quality housing, facilitating effortless relocation within the library.