The implementation of self-service in libraries today represents a robust and essential service offering for patrons. Sapphire™ is a technologically advanced, ergonomically designed self-service unit, seamlessly integrating into the existing logistic process. Its modular construction provides unparalleled flexibility to libraries, allowing for adaptability and migration to various identification technologies, both presently and in the future.

The Sapphire™ EM Self-service unit ingeniously merges barcoding technology for the identification of items and patron cards with Electromagnetic (EM) technology. This ensures optimal security of items through the activation and deactivation of EM tags following successful item registration. This singular, streamlined process enhances efficiency, accuracy, and security within a user-friendly environment.

The 22” HD touch screen together with the integrated receipt printer, EM (de)activator, barcode scanners for items and cards are designed in one compact stylish high-quality housing, and therefore easy to relocate in a library.