The Loop Antenna AM is a discreet Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system, ingeniously integrated into the wall for an unobtrusive presence. This system caters to the needs of retailers seeking a seamless security solution without visible EAS Antennas at the store entrance. In addition to conventional methods, shoplifter detection can be achieved through an optional remote or silent alarm, ensuring a completely discreet system.

- Category: Brand new
- Detection : This system offers an expansive detection range of up to 3.60 m.

Features :
• Incorporates advanced anti-noise algorithms for accurate and reliable detection.
• Includes proximity alarm to detect items.
• Provides system status functionality for real-time monitoring.
• Programmable sound and light options for alerts.
• Supports extensive connectivity for versatile integration.
• Has a green mode for energy conservation at night.
• Detection efficiency is estimated at over 85%.