The Promax AM System is an acousto-magnetic system operating at 58 kHz. This fully digital system utilizes the latest DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology, ensuring excellent detection. The Promax AM can be optionally equipped with integrated features like people counting, metal detection, magnet detection, and remote diagnostics. Each antenna can be optionally outfitted with two advertising booklets. Boosting in-store marketing campaigns has never been this easy; advertising panels are inserted in just seconds!

- Category: Brand new
- Detection : This system offers an expansive detection range of up to 2.40 m for hard tags and up to 1.80 m for DR labels

Features :
• Incorporates advanced anti-noise algorithms for accurate and reliable detection.
• Includes proximity alarm to detect items.
• Provides system status functionality for real-time monitoring.
• Programmable sound and light options for alerts.
• Supports extensive connectivity for versatile integration.
• Has a green mode for energy conservation at night.
• Detection efficiency is estimated at over 85%.