The X-Clear RF system is designed to harmoniously blend into bright interior spaces. The antenna is virtually invisible, avoiding any undesirable impact on the store's decoration and reducing visual obstruction. Its transceiver technology with moving field detection, combined with two or four antenna loops, offers a wide aisle solution, ideal for retailers using RF paper labels. The system is compatible with all RF labels and tags.

• Shrinkage reduction
• Effortless, quick setup without complexities
• Enhance security with advanced theft prevention
• High quality plexiglass design
• Multi-color alerts for clear notifications
• Audible, distinct alarm ensuring immediate attention
• Durable and premium aluminum build for longevity
• Simplified design means fewer cables and easy installation
• High-quality electronics ensure reliable and consistent performance
• Extended Connectivity: Dual Set up offer better coverage
• And much more!
• Detection efficiency is estimated at around 80%