Libraries can enhance productivity using our specially designed RFID labels with ICODE SLIX2 IC (ISO 15693) for media identification, registration, security, and efficient searching. High-quality tags with longer read ranges ensure durability and longevity for library materials. RFID labels are vital to the solution, and without proper understanding, choosing the wrong labels can impact overall effectiveness and return on investment.

APTQ RFID book labels feature an optimally designed aluminum antenna for superior performance at security gates, specifically pre-tuned for use both inside and on top of books. The attached ICODE SLIX2 IC (ISO 15693) chip, renowned for its global availability and longevity, is ideally suited for this application. The chip's data retention capabilities are among the best in the industry. Furthermore, the label's top layer is composed of a special material with optimal hygroscopic properties, ensuring that moisture does not penetrate the tag and compromise read range performance.