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The AM Label is a multifaceted acousto-magnetic (AM) adhesive solution, designed to provide an elevated level of theft deterrence for products where the application of conventional hard tags may not be feasible or appropriate.

This label is particularly advantageous for securing items such as cosmetics, hardware, boxed goods, or any other merchandise that poses unique tagging difficulties. The AM Label is available in three variants – white with or without a faux barcode or black without a faux barcode. The faux barcode variant mimics an inventory code, subtly masking the anti-theft nature of the label, thereby adding an extra layer of security.

Type: Code Barcode
Frequency: AM, 58KHz
Resonators Triple
Size: 44.8*11.2*1.9 mm

• Adhesive label for versatile application
• High adhesion and resistance to handling
• Allows for hand application
• Rubber-based adhesive
• With a faux barcode