Sensormatic® PowerPad AM Deactivator


The PowerPad is an advanced Acousto-Magnetic (AM) deactivator specifically engineered to deactivate labels at distances up to 15 cm. Its efficiency and speed significantly boost throughput and reduce checkout times, contributing to a seamless customer experience. Versatile in design, the PowerPad can be installed on top of the counter, beneath it, or built seamlessly into the counter itself. Upgrade your retail security system with the PowerPad's superior performance for an optimized checkout process.

Category: Refurbished
Deactivation: Up to 15 cm from its surface

• Acousto-magnetic technology at 58 KHz
• Several mounting options : flush mount, under table, or tabletop
• Controller: ScanMax or ScanMax Pro
• Used with Sensormatic key switch
• Visual indicator for power and deactivation
• Label deactivation speed up to 200 cm/s (80 in/s)