The Wide-Exit AM System is an advanced acousto-magnetic system operating at a frequency of 58 kHz. This fully digital system leverages cutting-edge Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, ensuring superior detection capabilities.The Black Line Series encapsulates the technological sophistication of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Systems, presented in a distinctive and stylish black aesthetic. Furthermore, each antenna can be optionally equipped with two advertising booklets, providing an efficient and effortless method to enhance in-store marketing campaigns. The advertising panels can be inserted swiftly, making promotional efforts more effective and convenient.

- Category: Brand new
- Detection : This system offers an expansive detection range of up to 2.40 m

Features :
• Incorporates advanced anti-noise algorithms for accurate and reliable detection.
• Equipped with a Jammer Alarm for enhanced security.
• Includes a Near Tag Alarm for immediate alert on close proximity tags.
• Offers a System Status feature for real-time system monitoring.
• Provides programmable sound and light options for customizable alerts.
• Supports Extended Connectivity for versatile system integration.
• Detection efficiency is estimated at over 85%.