AdvanPay-10 is an RFID high performance reader that integrates an antenna with a highly confined reading area.

This RFID point of sale reader provides a solution with the minimum cost. RFID-Pay-50 is the most cost-effective model of the RFID-Pay family.

RFID-Pay-50 requires an external point of sale computer for receiving and sending data. It does not include an on-board computer as RFID-Pay-100 and RFID-Pay-150.

RFID-Pay-50 is available in two different models:
• Flush mount
• Desktop mount

• Increases the speed of payment at cash registers
• Combines 2 processes (hard tag detachment and product identification)
• Automatic integration with most software applications, through keyboard wedge
• Highly confined reading area
• Easy installation and monitoring
• For retailers:
- Queues reduction, thanks to a much faster payment process
- Improved customer shopping experience, derived from a shorter payment time